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The Founders of the Crib Point Football Club worked tirelessly throughout 1931/32 and the minnow club from the tiny town (population less than 300) played its inaugural season (without Reserve or Junior teams) in the strong MPFL in 1933. 

Throughout 1933 and 1934, the young Magpies, in their black and white stripes, were very much the competition's 'easy-beats' and facing financial insolvency, went into voluntary recess after just two years.  

Throughout 1947, the club made preparations for MPFL re-entry. By the end of 1947, neighbouring Hastings, with the '46 and '47 flags hanging on their wall, were eyeing a '48 'three-peat'. With one-third of their all-conquering team 'Cribby boys', they formally requested Crib to postpone re-entry till '49. CPFC agreed on the condition that the CP boys would be cleared to CPFC at the end of the '48 season. Hastings got their 'three-peat' and CPFC rejoined MPFL for the start of the '49 season, in the infamous 'blue and white halves' practice-jerseys borrowed from the Naval Depot (Navy, a strong MPFL side, in those days wore their famous maroon and royal-blue 'FND' strip). This 1949 season was the only year the cub played in any colours other than black and white. 

1949 to 1954 were lean and tough years and the club remained the competition's 'cellar dwellers'. 

That all began to change at the start of the 1955 season. Max and Les Tolson together with other lateral-thinking, can-do people in the club had located a disused and unwanted dormitory-type building at the Somers immigrant camp, ingeniously transported it, renovated and serviced it. CPFC had its own social room, the first football club on the Mornington Peninsula to do so. With hotels closing at 6pm in those days, the social room and its liquor licence generated very considerable income. With this newfound financial viability, the Club went to work putting together Marty McDonnell's immortal back-to-back team of '57/'58. (This is possibly the greatest ever MPNFL football story, and the full story needs to be the subject of a book one day). 

By 1963, CPFC was struggling again and found itself in the newly-formed Nepean Football League. But a second glorious, golden era was just around the corner. 

Under captain/coach Brian Rosenbrock, CPFC secured their famous 'three-peat' in '66 '67 '68. The Cribby magpies were again the hated and feared side they had been in the late '50s. 

In 1960, CPFC commenced fielding an U/17 side.

Between 1966 and the early 1980s, Flinders became part of the club, CPFC becoming CPFFC. 
In the mid '70s, the Crib Point Junior Football Club (CPJFC) was formed. 

Senior flags six, seven, eight and nine were won in 1973, 1977, 1985 and 2001 respectively. 
Reserves flags were celebrated in 1967 and 1980. 

Junior flags in 1963, 1965 and 2016 adorn the club rooms. 


H Nilsson

F Washbourne

T Whiston

G Balcke


C Ferguson

J Langman

A Anderson

C Arthur

D Nilsson


C Cooling

D Brewer

V Lothian

M McDonnell

W Harding

Mrs OHarding


D Cook

K Shiels

L Davidson

Mrs DJ Hoult

Mrs R Jolley

B Rosenbrock

Mrs R Whiston

I Smith

L Horne

R Royle

K Marshall

F Goritchan

K Fromhold

A Cairns

M Dietzsch

J Budd

R Balhorn

C Draper

G Gorrie

D White

H Victor

M Tolson

G Victor

G Carrison

J Hoppen

P Ainsworth

J Kercheval

K Anderson

W Myers

D Cook

B Victor

R Bond

W Groves

P Lamshed

L Maxwell

Mrs J Davidson

M Cook

L. Cairns

B Myers

P Cook

R Moncrieff

W Campbell

D Maxwell

E Ainsworth

W Mackay

M Watson

D Rolland

L Cook

D Rynaard

B Anderson

G Moncrieff

J Martin

A Rolland

P Peck

Mrs J Saunders

W Graham

Mrs M Collins

S Gay

A Graham

M Binney

P Mereszko

G Marshall

T Verhaaf

Mrs B Marshall

A Curtin

J Druvins

D Annable

A Wisken

P Newton

M Wilson

Mrs M Binney

G Barclay

K Healy

L Herrington

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